Special Education

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Welcome to the Special Education Team.
Kristie Sochacki, Rich Stadelmaier, Sue Bayer, Cindy Miller, Barbara Stanton, Beth Herdson, Nancy Herman, Kate Reynolds, Jia Wang, Katelin Johnson, Chrissie Lazaris, Iveren Ameh, Ann Hayes, Sharon Twigg, Sarah Granai, Malini Purushotham, Chrissy Walker, 
Ashwini Devare, Sue Klender, Soo Kim, Rebecca Mina, Heliana Phansalkar, Emily Thomas, Karen Beuchel, Mark Hahn, Shilpa Bangalore and Shiney Withel 


    The Howard County Public School System’s mission of excellence in teaching and learning applies to all students at Rockburn Elementary.  The special education team at RES maintains high expectations for students who receive special education services. We are committed to valuing each student’s strengths and learning style and strive to accelerate each student’s educational abilities.
        We believe students with disabilities should be educated to the maximum extent appropriate in the general education classroom.