Physical Education (PE)

Don't forget to visit the
The Howard County Physical Education Department
web site for general information about the physical education programs in our county.
Rockburn Elementary Physical Education Department
Mr. Mark Hahn - Adaptive PE
Mrs. Amanda Ireland - full time
Mr. Pat Kelly - full time


In Howard County and in our school, we believe that physical education is an integral part of the total educational program. It offers a unique contribution to the development of knowledge, understanding, and positive attitudes about human movement and physical fitness. Our main goal is to introduce our students to a variety of movement activities, and we do this by using many different types of equipment. We want to give our students a positive experience with physical activities so that they will continue to be active and maintain their fitness throughout their lives. Along with that, we want to give them knowledge and understanding to make their movement experiences meaningful.

We will be hosting a number of school wide fitness events for students and families to enjoy. These events include, The Rocky Run, Jump Rope for Heart, and Field Day. Updates concerning these events will be sent throughout the year.

All students will receive 90 minutes of physical education per week. Kindergarten will have PE in three, 30-minute blocks. Grades 1-5 will have one, 1-hour block, and one, 30-minute block per week. To ensure safe participation during class, sneakers are required and comfortable clothing such as shorts or sweats are recommended. Please view Mr. Kelly’s or Mrs. Ireland’s Canvas pages for the PE schedule.


Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Ireland