Summer Activity Guides and Math Packets

Tue, 06/03/2014 - 8:52am

Updated: 5/26/2017
PTA Summer Activity Guide:

PDF iconRES PTA Summer Activity Guide 2016.pdf

Math Summer Guides for Some Students Entering Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth Grade.

We encourage students to use loose leaf paper when completing these guides or to be very careful about only printing out the pages with problems. 

Anyone needing to brush up on basic facts can use this file. Try to get them all in five minutes or less!  PDF iconfactsquiz.pdf

  • The first file is for students entering fourth grade GT math class in the fall. PDF iconEntering4thGT.pdf
  • The second file is for students entering fifth grade GT math class in the fall.  PDF iconEnteringFifthGT.pdf
  • The third file is for fifth graders who were in Mr. Polack's 5th Grade GT math class this year and are moving into Pre-Algebra in the fall. PDF iconsummer_enteringprealge_2010.pdf