Physical Education (PE)

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Rockburn Elementary Physical Education Department
Mr. Mark Hahn - Adaptive PE
Ms. Amanda Ireland - full time
Mr. Matt Thomas - full time


In Howard County and in our school, we believe that physical education is an integral part of the total educational program. It offers a unique contribution to the development of knowledge, understanding, and positive attitudes about human movement and physical fitness. Our main goal is to introduce our students to a variety of movement activities, and we do this by using many different types of equipment. We want to give our students a positive experience with physical activities so that they will continue to be active and maintain their fitness throughout their lives. Along with that, we want to give them knowledge and understanding to make their movement experiences meaningful.

We emphasize fitness throughout the year. The health-related fitness components that we emphasize are cardiovascular endurance, upper body muscular strength, abdominal muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. We expose our students to a variety of exercises for each of these components. Students work on goal setting and personal assessment. Some of the fitness activities we do are rope climbing, abdominal crunches, the "Pacer" test, jogging, and using pull-up bars and medicine balls.

We work on the progressive development of throwing, catching, shooting and striking patterns. To this end, we use different types of balls, such as yarn balls, junior basketballs, soccer balls, volleyball trainers, foam balls, playground balls, rings, hula hoops, scarves and balloons. We emphasize small group activities with lots of equipment. Our intent is to improve our student's skills while keeping activity time high.

The students participate in gymnastics tumbling and apparatus, rhythms, dance and locomotor activities. These activities are done in cooperative groups, small groups, large groups and individually.

All students in grades K-5 receive two 45 minute periods of physical education each week. To ensure safe participation during class, sneakers are required and comfortable clothing such as shorts or sweats are recommended. Safety is our first priority, and students are frequently reminded of the safety rules for all of our activities.

We also do an annual Field Day and the Golden Shoe Classic (GSC), which are school-wide activities for all K-5.  The GSC is a cross-country run, consisting of 1 mile for 3-5 graders and shorter distances for K-2.  This years GSC will be Oct 20th 2015.  Our Field Day is scheduled for May 27th 2016.  We welcome parent volunteers for the smooth running of these events.  If you are able to spend part of these days with us, we will be seeking assistance as we approach the dates involved.


Ms. Amanda Ireland
Mr. Matt Thomas