Welcome to Kindergarten


"Back to School Night" presentations are posted at this link. Each year's presentation will remain posted until the next year's presentation is linked.

Please go to HCPSS Connect to find "Parent Access to Student Information & Classwork."

Canvas Subjects:

Each teacher has a subject page for each content area. So students will have a subject page for every class, including specials, that they are in. 

What types of materials can teachers post in their subject pages?

Teachers will have the ability to include informational content, class assignments, videos, quizzes, projects and discussions. All teachers will be able to utilize Canvas features of announcements, course calendars, teacher home pages, and integrated instructional tools including audio, video, text and other digital tools. Grades will also be able to be tracked on the subject pages for each class.

Where can I find training resources for Canvas as parent?

For Canvas specific training, please visit the Canvas Orientation Course.

Incoming Kindergarten Information Updated Each Spring