Regional Early Childhood Center (RECC)

The RECC (Regional Early Childhood Center) at Rockburn Elementary serves children ages 3-5 in the following programs:

3 PreK/Preschool programs for children with disabilities and typically developing peers.  These classes are 4 or 5 days per week and 2.5 hours per day.

3 MINC-P and 2 MINC-EL (Multiple Intense Needs Classes)" for children with disabilities adn typically developing peers.  This class meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
RECC Staff

Our team includes classroom teachers - Ms. Aubrey, Ms. Heather, Ms. Shannon, Ms. Katie, Ms. Vicki, and Ms. Susan; speech pathologists Ms. Amy, Ms. Kristin, and Ms. Rebecca; occupational therapists Ms. Joan and Ms. Beth, physical therapist Ms. Karen, paraeducators Ms. Sharon, Ms. Susan, Ms. Katrina, Ms. Teresa, Ms. Lori, Ms. Kelsey, and Ms. Sue; student assistants Ms. Ping and Ms. Olivia.

The Team along with parents work together to develop personalized programs for young children. If you have any questions about our program or services please call 410-313-5030.
PreSchool Program
The preschool program follows both the HCPSS Early Childhood Curriculum and the Little Treasures Curriculum.
The preschool teachers promote a fun, developmentally appropriate program for children by integrating both curriculums into their daily activities. The children learn by active involvement in all activities and by peer (non-disabled) models.
The daily routine includes the following: greeting time, small group (art, sensory, pre-academics), planning time (choosing a center), work time (centers), clean up time, recall (discussing where they played), snack, circle time (stories, movement, music), and outside time. The preschool students at Rockburn also explore other settings in the building that they typically would not get to experience until kindergarten. These areas include media, gym, and the computer lab.
Preschool students attend all appropriate school assemblies and go on some field trips.
We are very busy learning and having fun!
Pre-Kindergarten Program
The pre-kindergarten program is a state and locally funded program for four-year old students.  Students must be four years old by September 1st to be considered for the program.  The main purpose of the program is to provide a high quality preschool experience for identified youngsters.
The Maryland State Department of Education requires that we make the pre-kindergarten program available first for targeted students.  Therefore, eligibility requirements are used to determine which students are offered the program. The first eligibility requirement is economic status.  Other factors used to determine eligibility include:
Child and parent health
Participation in a similar program (Head Start or Even Start)
History of referrals for county services (Child Find, special education preschool, Social Services)
History of learning difficulties (older siblings in school)
Enrollment in schools will be determined by the following order.
1st Priority: Eligible students in the school, cluster, or regional attendance area
2nd Priority: All students in the school, cluster attendance area based on available space
You can pick up an application from the schools front office after spring break.  All application information will be kept confidential and reviewed only by school staff. However, as requested by the Maryland State Department of Education, no enrollment decision will be made without a completed pre-kindergarten application.  The school will review applications, and invite students to be enrolled according to the criteria described above.
If you would like to enroll your child in the pre-school program as a learning together peer, applications will be available in the front office during the month of February. Please check the Rockburn Menu that comes home in the Friday Folder or call 410-313-5030 for a specific date.
If you suspect that your toddler (under age 3) has a developmental delay and would like for a team to evaluate him/her, please submit your referral by calling the Office of Early Intervention at~ 410-313-7017.
If you suspect that your pre-school age child (3-5) has a developmental delay and would like for a team to evaluate him/her, please submit your referral to the County Diagnostic Center at 410-313-7046.