Chorus, Band, and Orchestra Registration Links

Tue, 09/02/2014 - 12:55pm

Updated: 9/21/2022


Attention 3rd grade Parents!  

  • Here is the link to the 3rd grade Orchestra Registration page. 
  • You can find more information on orchestra when you go into the module page (click here). 
  • The deadline to register is Wednesday, September 14th. 
  • (Reminder, you must be logged into your HCPSS account to access Canvas.)
  • Link to 3rd Orchestra Registration:   

Attention 4th grade Parents! 

  • Below is the link to the 4th grade Music Registration page.  We are asking all 4th grade parents to complete it so we know which music groups your child is interested in joining (or not joining).  
  • CHORUS - ALL students are invited to sing in chorus, no prior experience needed.
  • ORCHESTRA - Students will be learning more advanced technique in their 2nd year of strings so there is a prerequisite that they already have at least 1 year of knowledge on their string instrument.
  • BAND - ALL students may participate in band, no prior knowledge needed.  Once a child is registered, Mrs. Twigg will meet with them to identify which instruments they are most excited to learn and suit them best.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Twigg with any band or orchestra questions you might have.  Please direct chorus questions to Mr. Langrick.
  • Link to 4th Music Registration:

Attention 5th grade Parents! 

  • Here is the link to the 5th grade Chorus Registration page. 
  • Please direct any choral questions to Mr. Lee. ( (Reminder, you must be logged into your HCPSS account to access Canvas.)
  • Link to 5th Chorus Registration:
  • Your child may choose to join just chorus, band & chorus or orchestra & chorus. 
    • (Band & orchestra students will receive separate information from Mrs. Twigg.  All band/orchestra questions can be answered by 

Thank you from the RES Music Department!