Crab Description
(Created by Angel and Clare during the 2001-2002 school year)

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  Crabs, also known as decapods, are in the crustacean family. They have a very hard shell (carapace). The shell of the blue crab can be colors of olive, brown, red, and shades of blue. The eyes rest on stalks like snail's. The blue crab has 6 legs, 2 claws, and 2 swim paddles. The male's legs are bluish-grey and the female's are reddish-orange.

The crab's abdomen (better known as the apron) is a moveable flap. The male's apron is shaped like the Washington Monument. The mature female's apron looks like the capital. The immature female's apron looks like a triangle. The female crab carries her eggs in the apron.

A small crab does not look like its parents. They molt 3 - 5 days after birth. After many molts, it looks like a cray-fish. It will now molt its shell every 20 - 30 days. The male crab molts throughout its lifetime, but the female stops after 21 molts.